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 Welcome to my world!

This website, just like my life, is a work in progress ... and I invite you to share in my exploration.
I hope you enjoy what you discover here; if you are interested in finding out about any of my interests and invitations,
be in touch, won't you?

Alexander Technique : a life-changer!

I first wrote about the Alexander Technique in my NYC blog

after experiencing a herniated disc for the fifth time and was

in constant pain. AT changed all that! Read that post here:

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Four years later and I am a certified AT teacher, and am establishing a private practice from home in Kimpton, Hertfordshire. I have created a professional website just for the Alexander work: take a look!

What on earth is it? I hear you ask. And what do you mean when you call it a life-changer?

Here is my blurb:

Wouldn't you like to move and live with ease and efficiency once again?  Most of us find over time that we develop habits that interfere with the natural function of the human system. We lose awareness that there are choices about how to respond to the world around us. 

What AT uniquely offers is a learning process which enables us to find ways to move and to respond to life in a quieter and freer way. This is made possible as we discover that we can reduce our physical and emotional reactions to what happens around us. 

For me, the physical results of learning AT have been amazing: I no longer wake stiff in the mornings, I know how to let go of many of the ways I used to habitually hold muscles tight in my lower back and legs, and in my upper back and neck (and probably everywhere else ... ). This means I have far less pain, and know what to do when pain returns. I can exercise and simply use my body without such fear of problems and pain, even without resolution of the underlying problem itself. I feel buoyant and light.

But more than only the physical experiences of AT, I have become aware that I really am an integrated, whole being, body, heart and soul: what happens in my body is inextricably linked to every other part of my self. AT is not a physical therapy or exercise programme! It has had positive effects on how I feel about myself; it affects my ability to pay attention, the clarity of my thinking, my thought patterns, and my emotional reactivity. As I have let go of unhelpful physical tension, difficult emotions associated with past events have also been released. 

Practising AT simply feels good. Did you know that what AT teachers do when they get together is not sit and talk about ideas, but actually practise the hands-on work together? It is a life-practice, a way of being in one's self, that enhances the experience of being alive!

That is some powerful work!

And by the way, the AT learning process occurs through hands-on guidance by the teacher, using simple movements in standing, sitting and lying. You wear your normal comfortable clothes. You have significant experiences during the AT lesson as you become more sensitive to your own reactions, and learn to stop before (re)acting. But you also begin to notice how you respond in ordinary life, and gradually are able to apply the basic principles to what you do in every other part of life. That is where the work becomes life-changing!

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  Anna Bosatta

Spiritual Director, Alexander Technique practitioner, musician and poet.

What gives depth and delight to life more than finding out who we really are and expressing that in all authenticity? This seems to me to be the reason for our existence, and it is only in relationship with others and with God that this becomes really possible.

But nothing is clear cut, for me, and what you will read about here will, I hope, give as many questions and provocations as answers.

I write about spirituality, prayer, music
and poetry; about nature, creativity, and, well,
just life.

Feel free to join me here in exploring heart and voice, and please be in touch!

Spiritual Direction is an invitation to spend time together exploring your innermost (and outward) experiences of life, including your longings, your hopes, your relationships, your ambitions, joys and fears and ... whatever in fact it is that you want to bring to conversation. Together we take "a long loving look at the real', as Walter Burghardt so tenderly put it, which for me includes where body, soul and spirit meet: where God is, whatever that means for you.

But you don't have to be clear about your religious faith (or indeed have any connection with religion at all) to want to seek something spiritually deeper, and you are welcome whatever your background or current practices and interests are.


I am also available to lead retreats and quiet days.

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