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This website, just like my life, is a work in progress ... and I invite you to share in my exploration.

I hope you enjoy what you discover here; if you are interested in finding out about any of my interests and invitations,

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Spiritual Direction is an invitation to spend time together exploring your innermost (and outward) experiences of life, including your longings, your hopes, your relationships, your ambitions, joys and fears and ... whatever in fact it is that you want to bring to conversation. Together we take "a long loving look at the real', as Walter Burghardt so tenderly put it, which for me includes where body, soul and spirit meet: where God is, whatever that means for you.

But you don't have to be clear about your religious faith (or indeed have any connection with religion at all) to want to seek something spiritually deeper, and you are welcome whatever your background or current practices and interests are.




I am also available to lead retreats and quiet days.

Community Art ALIVE! 2020

  Anna Bosatta

Spiritual Director, musician and poet.

What gives depth and delight to life more than finding out who we really are and expressing that in all authenticity? This seems to me to be the reason for our existence, and it is only in relationship with others and with God that this becomes really possible.

But nothing is clear cut, for me, and what you will read about here will, I hope, give as many questions and provocations as answers.

I write about spirituality, prayer, music

and poetry; about nature, art, and, well,

just life.

Feel free to join me here in exploring heart and voice, and please be in touch!

Community Art ALIVE! 2020: my project for Kimpton in Covid times.

Showing the finished mural, some of the process, and some of the artists. Over 60 villagers spanning 70 years in age each painted one or two tiles. Each took a tiny rectangular piece of a photo, 4x6cm, scaled it up four fold to 16x20cm, and reproduced it without knowing what any of the finished piece was going to look like! The final size is a huge and glorious 2.4m wide and 1.6m high. It was unveiled in early September outside the Corner Stores at the heart of the village, and was reported in Country Life magazine in the October edition. It will soon be taken to hang in Kimpton Church.

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