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Art ALIVE! Starry Skies Advent Calendar

My gift for Kimpton, December 2020 ...

... is a giant advent calendar, not made by me although designed and facilitated me, but by 48 local individual artists or families. It is, like the summer project, 2.5x2m in size - that is BIG! - and is situated at the heart of the village, at the Corner Stores. (For the first Art ALIVE! project 'Everything comes alive in Kimpton' - click here         )

Every day, as you would expect, one door is opened to reveal a surprise picture: a hare, a christmas tree, a gingerbread man, 3 wise men ... all sorts of beautiful seasonal art to delight everyone who sees it!  On December 24th the final door will reveal a nativity scene, and everyone in the village is invited to bring a mini angel or sheep to add to the final scene (there is room for a whole throng of angels and a huge herd of sheep around the sky and grass frame!).

'We belong together, and we need each other, here and now' has become rather a motto for me this year (see TNMR       ) and this wonderful community artwork fully realizes this.

My wish is that it contributes hope and joy into our troubled, confusing and frightening world this Christmas.

12 Kimpton Church Star Trail .jpg
pale logo tnmr.png
arty bee.png

Day 12: This and all photos by Juliet Morton

17 Squirrel PB260543.jpg

Day 16: Artist Freya McCarthy

all the doors.jpg
22 Santa PB260562.jpg

Day 23: Artist Mary Hyde,

with Jack and Amelie French

Day 17: Artist Pat Marr

December 24th and all the doors are open!

Perhaps more than ever we need to hear what we have sung year by year in one of the world's favourite Christmas carols (sung every year until this year, that is, when even singing in Carol services was not permitted). Who or what is at the heart of all the symbols and wishes that we express?

"The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight"

24 adv cal.jpg
1 Wreath PB260583.jpg

Day 1: Artist Pauline Reddings

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