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All for your sake

There is coming in,

and going out;

truly settled,

and hope to get there yet.


There is come back,

and always was,

and soon (or one day) will be.


There is journey,

and exploration,

adventure, commission

destination, and destiny.


There is one

and two

and some, or many,

or all.


There is “I will”,

and “I will not”


And all for your sake.


There is task, and pleasure,

grit, and oil;


Water that refreshes,

and water that warms.


There is enough,

and there is abundance;

there is none at all, or none left,

and there is plenty to share.


There is spontaneous,

and there is careful planning.


There is intuitive,

and mysterious,

and there is rational.


There is I know,

and I don’t know;

who knows?

And God knows.


And all for your sake.



(This is how the Bible reads to me)

Jan 2018

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