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Eve born, Eve renewed

This was 'born' out of an imaginative reflection on the experience of the first woman in the scriptural account coming alive, as the love of God breathed into her and she became aware of the beauty into which she had been placed. The physical-spiritual-emotional-everything-as-one beauty of creation. And this first 'becoming' followed by another, restorative re-emergence, which both she and I have needed. After finding our world spoiled, inside and out.

And you?

The mouth of God has breathed life into me: I am Eve.  

Surrounding me is life: life in colour and shape and texture and sound and light and taste and feel, substantial and insubstantial; 

and with every sense I awaken to there is movement inside me as I recognize what I perceive.

I am a part of all of this; all of this is a part of me.

It is all receiving and giving, all yes and let, all me and you, all you and me.

There, the river. At a distance beyond the green, green grass,

but I am part of what I see:

my sense is that we are, the river and I, and I feel its flow and splash and play,

I know its deepness and its freshness.

Its aliveness is mine.




And what may be washed downstream

in the fresh, yes fresh waters of this you-ness? 

For I see my old garments,

my collection of close-held secrets and shame-nesses;

my fig leaves I see, dissolving and disintegrating in this life-full flow,

disappearing yes, disappearing in this you-ness

But myself I do not see; I know there is no me apart from you.

Water I am, where you are stream, where you are river, lake, ocean;

hidden I am, yes, hidden in this you-ness.


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