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Playing the oboe has given me indescribable pleasure since I was first able to find an instrument and to take lessons, at age 12. At age 15, I dreamed about the effect of my playing on others, and found that indeed, at times, especially in improvisational environments, it spoke life and healing for others too. Just sometimes ... but oh, when that happens ... it's like heaven coming open among us !!!

I also play flute and keyboard, and am willing to perform at events including weddings and funerals, and to accompany or lead worship on request


This background extract is from Saint Saens Sonata for Oboe and Piano, my favourite piece for over 35 years already!

In May 2017 I was delightedly privileged to be invited to participate in a world premiere experiment, namely to improvise with around 25 professional musicians from Epiphany and the Musicians Network a full seven movement Oratorio. I am the oboist with the yellow top! The soloists were April Fredrick (soprano) and Péter Bosi (countertenor), performed at St Sepulchre's Church, London.

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