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If you met an angel, just what sort of conversation would you have with him (or with her)? There seems to be a bit of a problem here: the barrier set between the glory-being and the local lasses has created a definite no-go zone, but it does not seem to have prevented them talking, does it?

I wonder who here is saying to whom ‘do not be afraid’, as is repeated so often in the angelic bible encounters? Or who in fact needs to hear the gentle words?

This week I have been aware again of how quickly I make judgments about people I meet based on their looks … and I am not proud of my responses. A new spiritual director with blue hair, sweet and deep, ‘my’ homeless man, ragged, alone, the policeman who arrested him yesterday as I watched, harsh and arrogant. A thousand passers-by of any shape, size, ethnicity, and with a thousand thousand different lifestyle choices: endless descriptors that distinguish one from another, yet none of which need separate us from sharing life and love.

I can’t help how people see me, but I do want to be the bearer of good news when we meet!


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