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City riches


Two separate reflections on being in the city. The last one a report: just as it was. This one a prayer: just as it was, with a whisper of faith.

My muse, my inspiration, my source and my destination, my essence, and my breath.

Today you speak to me of the richness of human interaction: in lifelong religious sisters,

in willing helpers, in respectful service people, in encounters with strangers, passers-by on the city pavements:

eyes that meet, or look sidelong with guarded engagement.

In the pangs of my heart as I pass by Homeless Jeremiah.

Rich participation in the city conglomeration, this massed human homeland; as we share this free existence.

Pangs: yes; yes, pangs at the needy sufferers’ vulnerability, streetside.

Rich: yes; yes, rich in a myriad relationships, all around me

Breath: yes; yes, breathe on me and in me.


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