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Day 17: West Linton to Innerleithen

Expansive farmland throughout the broad-long-deep hills of the Scottish Borders provided us with grassy paths for most of today, or needle-strewn forest tracks, and that was lovely for our feet on this very long day of walking. We were always in sight and sound of cows or sheep, and tractors at work in the fields, and farmhouses, or after Peebles the broad and freely flowing river. This side of the country feels gentler, somehow more familiar in its way of being lush, odd to say but perhaps less 'awesome' because less wildly wild, or less craggy, less gaunt? Less pent up in its energy? Has a more steady breath?

I could really imagine living here, perhaps it's that.

Long view after long view onto curving, stretching, falling, rising fells and glens made me glad moment after moment after moment, so in my painting I wanted to express the way I saw the subtle colours of the fields interact with each other, shifting and blending as the sun and clouds chose to play with the light.

20 miles


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