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Day 7: Glen Orchy to Crianlarich

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Even hotter today and barely a moment of shade! We took the West Highland Way in the 'wrong' direction for today's route -southwards - and so met walker after walker after walker; the route was also mostly adjacent to the car-chase of an A road, and the clickyclacky train track; the dry dry river bed meandered around us too.

It felt managed, and busy. The lovely footpaths pressed into the smallest space amidst the competition between humanity and nature.

Until the very last section of the route, and the steep steep forest path, up and up and up (and down, and up)(and a little bit down, and up again) through perfectly beautiful pine forests, dark and gloomy with soft needles underfoot, or bright dappled dancing light-shade over stony trip-you-up paths amongst dry streamlets, bracken and fox gloves; and long views, at last at last, of the high high Highlands.

Then down down down all the way ... very very tired, with sore feet oh yes, late to our accommodation, later still to dinner, but, well, satisfied.

(Note to self: notice that I can notice the un-ideal-ness of my environment and not let it take me away from GLADNESS for many good things, not least being with Luca, in this beautiful place. Perspective, again. Important one, Anna.)

15 miles


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