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Day 1: Iona to Lindisfarne pilgrimage

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

A long train-train-ferry-bus-ferry journey brought Luca and me to Iona on Saturday at the start of this very special pilgrimage. My one decision this year as I thought about my journey preparations was to NOT attempt to record, capture, interpret, conceptualise, define, or do any other form of report-making, including to not take photos! Instead I want to practise 'just being' where I am, day by day, step by step ... come what may, good and bad, joy and pain and everything on between.

Except, that is, one thought a day expressed in this tiniest of journals, as an image in watercolours, and perhaps a word or two. And the start and finish location of each day.

Day 1: a prayer tree. I don't know why the image came to mind and I'm not grasping at an interpretation, but I like it!


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