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Literally speaking


…well I have to start somewhere, don’t I? My first Apple was picked from the big tree at home in the Well Cottage garden (and oh don’t I wish I could swankily name the type, but I can’t because I’ve forgotten) and eaten in the car on the M25. It was a goooood apple. Crisp, sweet, juicy. The perfect start to my year’s challenge.

Ah, yes, and fyi we were driving round the M25 towards Folkestone … aiming for the Channel Tunnel, France and Switzerland. Destination? Schloss Ralligen, on Lake Thun. It is a monastery and retreat house, run by a group of modern evangelical monks who we have known for years. We will be living here for 3 weeks while we wait for our US visa to come through; I am working on site half days, wherever help is needed (garden, kitchen, cleaning, perhaps even more translation work - see the English version on for the work I did earlier in the year). Luca will continue to work either from ‘home’ or he’ll commute to the Geneva or London office.

Somewhere on the M25: off on our adventures!


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