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Mousey story

Updated: Mar 18, 2019


Appley Dappley, a little brown mouse, goes to the cupboard in somebody’s house

In somebody’s cupboard there’s everything nice:

Cake, cheese, jam, biscuits, all charming for mice!

Appley Dappley has little sharp eyes, and Appley Dappley is so fond of pies!

At last an entry on theme! Thanks to Beatrix Potter, whose poem has sat friendlily in the back of my memory since childhood.

We too have a mouse.

In fact we had more than one, but when we reported seeing a little furry thief in the kitchen the EXTERMINATOR was called in – you know, Ghostbuster style*, all bigness and baloney and kerfuffle and commotion – and in no time one little critter got, er, busted. (In fact, funny thing is, we had no idea that there was anything caught in the trap behind the radiator cover, but a little doggy friend called Max came for coffee one day and got bark-ily overexcited in that particular corner of the room when he sniffed out the moldering intruder. This might actually have got me busted, as we are not supposed to have pets in the house.)

*This more or less describes the experience, if you substitute a little brown rodent for the stay puft marshmallow man:

{Mum, Dad, you may not like this trailer}

In Ralligen, Swizerland, last Autumn, the mice also went for the apple trays in storage, much to the annoyance of the Brothers. Here I have only seen toothy nibbles out of my bread supply. I don’t keep Appley Dappley’s pie favourite in stock, my cheese lives in the fridge and the jam has a lid. It’s a hard life for the modern mouse.

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