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The start of it all

Who’s there?

Knock Knock - my Granny used to ask me - Who’s there? - my obvious reply - Anna! - said she - Anna who? - said I - Annaaapple a day keeps the doctor away! - her final answer. Loving, kind, precious Granny Mac, my favourite ever person, and I still believe she made that up just for me (though whether that is true I hope I never discover).

And this will be my experiment this year as that ever-so-Big Apple, New York, becomes my home for 12 months. An apple a day. Or, perhaps, an “apple” a day. I’m always one to stretch meanings of words and concepts to suit my impressions and feelings about the world. I have so little idea of what lies before me, before us (Luca’s job is the reason for our American opportunity), that I can only open my eyes and ears and heart and await what presents itself to me. And I intend to write about it all in terms of Granny’s Mac’s Apple: far-fetched and contrived at times no doubt, but I suspect this theme gives me plenty of scope. We’ll see.

An apple a day? Here we go

Oct 2018

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