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Waiting ... Day 17

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Butler's Cafe in Radcliffe on Trent, waiting to meet with a new insta friend. Sun's bright, coffee's tasty. Feeling good.

Isn't it special when you find great resonance with someone new? Many parts of your life stories and interests in common, a ready willingness to listen and share and be vulnerable, ideas that bounce back and forth, inspiration, encouragement, warmth. New connections can only ever be unexpected - you can wish for them but you can't stop and wait for them. It's a lovely thing about social media that facilitates reaching out into the world, and a virtual 'friend' can in time become a real-world friend. How marvellous. Somehow the gentle anticipation of my first face to face meeting with Christine gave me a quiet sense of pleasure, and, as with a number of these 'waiting' experiences, a distinct pull on my heart towards gratitude. I like that.

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