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Will you join me in meditation?

If you are anything like me, you may be struggling to keep things in balance right now.

So many of us want to come to stillness, inside and out, but now more than ever we may be having difficulty even seeking that calm, spacious centre. I need to re-find that place.

And you?


 Let’s join in MEDITATION daily at 12 noon.


We can stop, wherever we are, for a few moments of stillness.

Let our breath and bodies come to calm, let our thoughts rest.

Let this act of silent solidarity affirm in us that we belong, and that we need each other

in this life, in this community, in this world. In sickness and in health.

If you would like to join The Noon Meditation Room, please contact me via the button below to receive an invitation to a 20 minute Zoom ‘room’. The room will open officially twice a week at first, but some of us will be meditating every day, so you can join whenever you wish.

There is no charge.


We will not talk during this time.

I will ring a meditation bell to mark the start and end of the session,

allowing you to sit in silence with your own practice.

Apart, yet together.

Mixed Voices Logo..png

Would you like to join a group of friends who simply take turns offering

space to talk, supported by each other's compassionate listening?


opening in Spring 2021, is inviting new members.

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