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When the star arose

there was much excitement among the gazers

about what it might mean     

and how to explain its appearance.

They wanted it named, and claimed.


But our hearts were beating faster

because to us it was captivatingly,



than could be pinned down by definitions

(as if words could tame it!).

What was (visible, predictable, definable, comprehensible)

served only to make us aware of

something else

that was not.


We travelled, we followed, we enquired,

we found the baby.

Our journey took us home; the star faded.

Reports made, case closed.


But our hearts would never again beat without that rush of


that we knew

when we first saw that star,

which redefined with one glimmer of light our life’s meaning.


What captivated us then has continued to elude our rational comprehension

but its wordless and indefinable call

is, still, an insatiable yearning

to seek beyond what can be found,

to gaze through what can be seen,

to ask more than can be answered.

And to worship.

And so we live on

for what was embodied there that day.


Anna Bosatta 2015

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