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anna-being-anna ...


Some people seem to know exactly what they want from life and how to get it; I have never been one of those people. But one thing I have always known: my life has been characterized by a longing for authenticity and reality, and this means that I have time and again accepted the new challenges that life has thrown up, whether in my private world or the public world out there. My story has taken me in and out of all sorts of ways of 'exploring heart and voice' : through my passions for music (especially playing the oboe and singing), for nature (gardening, open water swimming and walking, including long distance treks), for European languages (including Basel's dialect!), for art, for poetry ... and always, always finding people to share the experiences with. Especially where faith and spirituality meet the concrete experiences of everyday life. And always where my husband and family are too.

I chose to invest my life in raising our children while they were young, and then, little by little, developed external interests and work opportunities, branching out into choral conducting, spiritual accompaniment and now - unexpected, but life-savingly and absolutely necessary - in training as a teacher of the Alexander Technique.

So you see: life and love have not finished with me yet!

... exploring and sharing interiority and expressivity

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