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Corenno is a tiny fishing hamlet on the east side of Lake Como, opposite the village where my husband Luca was born. As a youngster he would take a sailing dinghy out onto the lake and sail there. I decided to name us after his favourite place!


This line-up from 2017 featuring Luca Bosatta, Debs Willson, Adrian Strain, and Siobhan Calthrop

Corenno Singers

I founded Corenno Singers in 2011 when we first sang together as a quintet of voices, and we have performed with between 4 and 12 voices at several events each year since then. We sing regularly at local concerts in Kimpton and at Ayot St Lawrence churches, often alongside my first community choir, Kimpton Village Choir. We have featured at the opening night of the St Albans Film Festival, at St Albans Abbey flower festival, and other seasonal events in the district.

We experiment with song styles, arranging songs ourselves or scouring the world for ideas, most of which we sing acappella:

from classical to folk, jazz to gospel or pop; and including some ‘songs without words’

to provide ambient music as a complement and backdrop to poetry or literary readings.

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