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Found in you

The existential longing to find myself found has been a recurring theme in me over many years, and I have often returned to the questions that are provoked by the early biblical stories of humanity's search for God; when I was praying with the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in March 2018 this is how I my exploration expressed itself.


I pray for the grace to be ‘found in you’,

where am I now

and who is it who is seeking me?


Adam and Eve went into hiding

when trying to escape God’s seeking: yet

God found them still.


Outside the Garden,

was God’s seeking,


desiring for re-union

any less,

with the turning of the days?


There is no out-side of God.

How could there be any hiding place

in your wide, bright, open spaces!


The narrow, dark, enclosures I have inhabited

in fear, and alone,

are from my own conceiving;

yet everything,



bears the mark

of your seeking,


desiring for re-union;

all the more,

with the turning of the days.


None of my resisting

can thwart your encompassing.


So I may turn,

as do the days,

and find myself being found

in you,

by you.

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