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An alternative use for today’s apple

Apple #67

New York City is bustling with Christmas preparations and there are lovely “Holiday Markets” in many open air parks and other public spaces. Bryant Park is a favourite of mine because it was the first I visited on my first trip here one year ago, when Luca had only recently started working for his new company Axioma Inc, and we were first trying out the idea of coming to live here. I mooched around looking for stocking presents for the family, being tempted by “warm apple cider” (which I now realise actually means fresh apple juice, not cider at all) and “apple cider doughnuts” (yummiest!) and enjoying the voices, the faces, the smells from both perfume and food stalls, and, at one point, the glorious sound of a saxophone playing Silent Night, the music soaring out from the ice-rink over all the noise of the market and surrounding roads. Sometimes a little unexpected something in one moment opens up a space inside, doesn't it?

Not that much that I wanted to buy, but I took this on-theme picture that amused me. I haven’t tried it out yet. Save that for a more agitated moment, perhaps.


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