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Seeds once fell

on my land

dispersed by hand, by wind, by bird and beast;

seeds of many kinds, left to grow just where they landed.

And early days saw bright blooms

spring joyfully out of the soil,

plentiful and pleasurable and pretty.

But bright, hot air withers and scorches frail flowers,

whose thirst outstrips the scant provision of life-essential resources

in shallow, uncultivated soil

and competitors for that patch of land,

greedy invaders, stake their claim,

muscling in, suffocating out

and hiding is no game when thieving seekers come for the vulnerable unready.

So it is that truth beckons - life invites - love insists:

a seed must be lost

a seed must die

if it will bear fruit.

Seasons pass.

Desperate little remains of those first precipitate flowers.

Yet their gift is not wasted;

their surrendered offering is a richness to their resting place

for seed buried in fertilised earth

may come to life again.

A tiny tender shoot

breaks through

breaks up

breaks open

the time-hardened surface

and, with long-nurtured roots

firmly anchored now

in the deep-nourished land of my homestead

a new plant emerges

and gains stature.




my tree will grow.




my fruit will flourish.

Apples now fall

On my land.


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