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Waiting ... Day 18

Updated: Dec 24, 2022


Is remembering a form of backwards waiting?

Something about the stillness of the memorial scene, here on this cold morning in Newark, takes my attention. When I meditate, I am waiting in the 'now', as well as a gentle awareness that time is moving forwards. But a memorial invites me to cast my mind and heart onto past events.

Like in meditation, here too I sense I'm being invited to become open to something beyond myself, to acknowledge 'something-greater-than' which is about meaning and perspective. Here, perhaps, it is about truth, sacrifice, belonging.

The wreaths are cheap, but these poppies, like so many symbols, carry inestimable significance. Remembering the people and events of history turns my focus backwards in time, yes; and yet their heartbeat reverberates towards me into the present moment and resonates into my heart and life. That makes the patient act of remembering a multidimensional and life-giving experience.


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