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Music of the soul

Who can make the division between a 'merely' musical experience and what we might want to call a spiritual musical one?

I certainly cannot, although I know that I am not always particularly aware of what is needing exploration or expression from my soul when I am singing or playing my instruments, or indeed listening to others' playing. On the other hand, we all know that music can be uplifting, even if we don't think about it or know the reason why! But when I enter a musical moment, and intentionally bring my longings and spaciousness and joy - and wish to share with others - something else happens...  and that, for me, is why I do it at all!

Souls in Sacred Song

The closing events of The Song Project in Manhattan, in July 2019, were 2 open workshops to which I invited choir members, friends from the Threshold Choir, and members of the public using the Meetup app. We learned simple songs in harmony from various spiritual traditions, and then played around with spontaneous harmonizing over one single chord or then over simple chord sequences in a loop. We invited individuals to sit in the middle of the voices and receive the echoing, interweaving sounds as a musical song-bath. They loved it! People described it as moving, encouraging and exciting!


Take a look at this to see an oboe project with a similar glorious vibe!

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