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Three Eves

A rather unexpected collection of reflections that give Eve, the archetypal woman, a central role. (I was surprised, as I looked back, to find so many of my stories calling on this 'first woman'). Eve as a 'type of me', for sure. The Genesis accounts are said to be the 'seedbed' of Christian thought, and I have tussled with the stories many many times over many many years; what on earth do they mean? What is 'true', what is helpful, what is, well, a little more complicated to interpret (or downright unhelpful, wrong, foolish, evil...)? Does the worldview of then give any insight into the world that I live in, and, if so, how? It clearly does: I find myself as I find Eve, as I find mythical and archetypal woman, as I let this 'stuff' which has formed my culture (for better and for worse) play with my inner world and stimulate it, challenge it, shed light into it, breathe a life-giving invitation into it. Some emotionality expressed, yes. I feel a bit exposed as I share this, but why not take courage? Better out than in (says Fiona, in the Shrek movie, and I agree.)

Echo down the years

Eve born, Eve renewed


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